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Pre Order USS Enterprise


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  • Image of Pre Order USS Enterprise
  • Image of Pre Order USS Enterprise
  • Image of Pre Order USS Enterprise

Pre order will be shipped out as they are finalized.

**Please be aware if you would like this for Christmas, we can not guarantee that it will get there in time, but we will do our best**

We are going to do our best to get it to you in a timely fashion, but please note, these are very labor intensive pieces and take roughly 4 day per individual piece. It is very possible you wont receive this piece till March. We have multiple project that are very labor intensive that are happening at the same time. If it is not something you can be patients with, we ask that you please wait till a later date to purchase.

***These will be made in groups of 10 until we hit 50, if they are sold out or marked coming soon it is only temporary, once we make another 10 they will be active for purchase once again***

We will be offering a framed option as well for this release. Please select from the drop down menu if you would like it framed. The Frame will be a simple but elegant black frame. Framing will add to delivery time by about a week.

***Note there will be some small bleeding into the wood from the color pigment***

Engraved on Cherry Hard wood the sized is approximately 17" x 7.5" The space background is done in resin, meant to imitate a nebula. Every single resin pour will be completely unique. No two nebula's will look alike. This is truly a one of a kind piece. The stars are hand painted with white acrylic paint. This particular Enterprise is Captain Picard's ship from star trek next generation.